There are mainly two types of outdoor water filter in Malaysia: multigranular sand media type and membrane (usually PVDF UF ) type. The main difference is filter housing size, media type and filtration size capability.

  • Filter Housing Size and Media Type
    Sand media are bulkier
    than the membrane type as it requires to house 5 types of granular sand for filtration. Coarse, medium and fine silica, anthracite and activated carbon. It requires space to stand, and its heavy weight does not allow wall-mounting.

    Membrane filters such as PVDF UF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride Ultrafiltration) membrane on the other hand is compact and allows it to be minimalistic and wall mounted.
  • Filtration Size Ability
    Sand media can filter down to 5 microns while membrane can go as small as 0.01 microns. To give you a perspective, the diameter size of a hair is approximately 50 microns and bacteria size is between 1 to 10 microns. So, membrane performs better in removing sediments and potential bacteria or virus in water supply (factors like water storage conditions and conditions of pipe supply).

Which outdoor filter is better to use for homes?
For the most part, your only concern is the sediments due to water pipe repairs by water consortiums, old pipes and water storage tank conditions. If you do not plan to use a water storage tank for your home, sand media is recommended.

If you need water storage, use membrane type as the chlorine is maintained to retard bacterial growth in the storage tank

Remember to use stainless steel materials for your tank as it has higher resistance against bacterial growth. Also schedule occasional cleaning to remove built up debris or

So, how do you pick one?
In the end, all outdoor water purifiers do the same thing: remove the bulk of sediments before it enters your home. It’s a matter of price, service and design that is dependent on you to appreciate. So just pick one that you like and whether you plan to use a storage tank or not.